Start Clock with gps time updating

Clock with gps time updating

Since the invention of the very first time clock, employers have been monitoring the hours their staff work. Time tracking allows you to identify those areas where your employees’ time could be better spent, thus improving overall productivity.

To save, do the following.(see next picture)Main menu Receiver Action Save config This saves it to (I believe) the EEPROM on the Ublox-neo-6m pcb.

WARNING: Close ‘u-center’ before disconnecting GPS. Otherwise u-center will lock up and you will get a Blue screen. Each GPS sampling shows in yellow, which changes to green when the next sampling occurs.

Others may argue that good staff morale is more important and more profitable in the long run than any short-term productivity gains made through time tracking.

Perhaps, as in most arguments, moderation is the key.

The connectors were not as shown but centered on the PCB.

pt=LH_Default Domain_0&hash=item3a916e65bc WARNING: I think I actually ordered this one but the one I got was slightly different.

If they don’t feel trusted, then they don’t feel valued either and this can lead to resentment, reduced productivity, high staff turnover and all the other issues associated with a negative company culture.