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6 to 10% of infected people have it for life and can pass it on to others.

Make sure that you and your youth sign and return your youth's form the day of their vaccine clinic.

Check your youth's immunization record to find when your youth was vaccinated. You will need to get it from your healthcare provider.

If you do not have a healthcare provider, you can get it from a walk-in clinic.

Hepatitis B spreads from person to person, through contact with infected blood or body fluids such as: From a mother to her baby at birth During sex Getting a human bite Sharing dirty needles The virus can stay alive on things like razors or toothbrushes for up to one week.

Hepatitis B does NOT spread through coughing, hugs or using the same dishes as an infected person.

Hepatitis B can lead to: Yellowing of the skin and whites of the eye.

Fever Weakness Loss of appetite Joint pain Symptoms may take several months to appear. They may not know they are infected unless a blood test is taken. Most people are able to get rid of this virus, but some get sick and even die.

It also lets parents know when their youth should get their vaccines.